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Shaman Sister Sessions

Feb 4, 2021

As a practitioner, it’s easy to build programs and offerings in our business that we think “should” be there, either because we’re trying to fit our work into a traditional business paradigm, we’re coming from the place of just trying to make money, or we’re modeling our work after others (teachers, colleagues, others in the field). As a soul-aligned practitioner, these offerings usually fail. Not because there’s anything wrong with a traditional business paradigm, trying to make money or the work of others, but because all of those things pull our offerings away from the true, soul-aligned essence of our practice. 


What does a soul aligned offering look like? How do we know if our practice is aligned with our soul essence? How do we as practitioners create powerful, soul-aligned offerings that serve our communities effectively?


Michelle and Katherine continue the conversation from last episode (Your Healing Business). They share some potent examples of soul-aligned offerings in their work and give you some powerful tools and takeaways to audit your own practice to make sure your offerings are coming from a soul-aligned place.