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Shaman Sister Sessions

Jul 30, 2018

Michelle and Katherine are so excited to welcome special guest Andrea Leda Wilborn!

We place so much emphasis on "Solar Consciousness:" expansion, light, and moving toward the "good" and happy things in our lives.

But what about Lunar Consciousness? What about the subtlety, the grace, the different perspective and the...

Jul 30, 2018

Learn about Past Lives and how to integrate them.

Various traditions and lineages acknowledge Past Lives and the role that they play in our current lived experience. From the Shamanic perspective, we carry the lessons and the gifts, as well as the traumas and challenges, of our past lives with us.

What happens when...

Jul 30, 2018

When we experience trauma and spiritual challenges that we don't later process and integrate, our soul can fracture. Soul fragmentation can result in loss of sense of self, loss of vitality, feeling disconnected from life force and as though something is missing.

Soul loss is a cumulative process. We can experience...