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Shaman Sister Sessions

Dec 5, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard about entities, energetic attachments and psychic attacks. Maybe someone has even told you that you have an entity, or you’ve wondered if you were a victim of psychic attack. After all, it would explain why everything in your life is falling apart, right???

Nope! We are happy to tell you that having entities and attachments is actually very rare. Rather, there is a far more likely explanation for what you’re experiencing, and it has to do with mastering your own energy body and stepping fully into your empowerment. Are you ready for that?

Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird give a look inside why you probably don’t have an entity or attachment, and no one is attacking you. They offer some powerful insight into what is most likely going on in your energy field, and share their favorite tools and practices to come into your most empowered Be-ing.