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Shaman Sister Sessions

Jan 16, 2020

Ah, the new Gregorian year/decade. That arbitrary time when people all over the world magically shift into a different reality, set goals and make plans to be bold, take action and make their dreams come true!!! 

Cringe. Anyone else super tired of goals, resolutions and action plans that don’t actually work? We’ve all been there. But the reality is that most of these goals and action plans are based completely in the mind and looking at your calendar like a 2-dimensional entity, and have absolutely no foundation in how energy and the Universe actually works. Ever wonder why most people’s “plans” for the year fail? It’s not necessarily that you didn’t do it right--it’s actually most likely because the plan itself didn’t take into account personal and universal cycles of energy, expansion and contraction, and all the multidimensionality of your infinitely complex Be-ing.

Relax. There is another way. Join Michelle Hawk and Katherine Bird as they look at year planning for 2020 through the lens of Shamanic and energetic practice. You’ll feel confident and empowered to set some plans in place for the year that are far more likely to succeed as a result.